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Team Trivia League


If you enjoy Trivia, you definitely need to be a part of our Team Trivia League. All you have to do is turn in a roster (see doc below) and play in our regular, weekly Live Team Trivia at  Lewisville/The Colony. We'll do all the rest, and you have a chance to win Cash & Barley Bucks!! Keep reading for more info.


How It Works

1. Teams of 1-10 members. Each team will submit a team roster with up to 10 players for that 3-month League period. Substitutions to roster must be submitted  before start of weekly game. Only players listed on the team roster may play in the playoffs.

2. Team members must be at least 18 years of age.

3. Each League runs for 3 month period.

4. Members compete in weekly Drunken Donkey Live Team Trivia events according to the rules established for the event.

5. Points are accumulated throughout the 3 month period: 6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd, 4 points for 3rd, 3 points for 4th, 2 points for 5th, and 1 point for 6th.

6. Points are tracked by team name. Therefore, each team must keep the same name throughout the League period. If a team changes it’s name, it will start over accumulating points under new name.

7. Competition will be within each stores trivia event—i.e., Lewisville will be one league and The Colony will be a second league.

8. At the end of each quarter, the Top 6 Teams will be awarded prizes:

1st—$150 cash + $150 Barley Bucks

2nd—$100cash + $100 Barley Bucks

3rd—$50 cash + $50 Barley Bucks

4th—$50 Barley Bucks

5th—$30 Barley Bucks

6th—$20 Barley Bucks

Prizes are awarded per team. It’s up to each team to divide the prizes among members.

9. Twice a year, the Top 6 Teams from each Drunken Donkey store will be invited to compete in a separate Live Trivia Event. Competition location will rotate between store locations. Same rules and guidelines will apply. Prizes will be awarded as follows:: 1st—$150 cash & $150 Barley Bucks, 2nd—$100 cash & $100 Barley Bucks, 3rd—$50 cash & $50 Barley Bucks, 4th—$30 cash & $30 Barley Bucks, 5th—$20 Cash & $20 Barley Bucks, 6th—$20 Barley Bucks. 


For more details, contact Melissa 469-288-2084 or

Download the Rules and the Team Roster pages here:

                         Trivia League Rules                                     




                         Trivia League Roster

Trivia League Standings

Spring League runs Apr 4 - Jun 30, 2023
Summer Allstars Match: July TBD
@ Drunken Donkey The Colony

as of 06/20/23

Lewisville League

Donkey Busters
Double Bogey
Clown Shoes
Agents Cooper
Ma the Meatloaf
Thongs & Dongs
Dang Me
Track Stars
Broken Condom Style

as of 06/20/23

The Colony League

Low Expectations
Broken Condom Style
Menage a Trois
Multiple Scorgazms
Scotts Tots
Coalition of the Unwilling
League Standins
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